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Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Lemon kvass

I marked this recipe in the Culinaria Russia book after a beautiful picture of large glass containers filled with different flavors of kvass caught my eye.  Reading further, kvass is a very low alcohol, thirst quenching drink that contains vitamins and aids digestion.  Kvass can be made with many different types of fruit –  Culinaria […]

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Sweet & spicy beef noodles

Just a quick post to pass on one of our favorite, go to recipes.  We cooked this up last night for friends while watching the NCAA championship game.  I chose it because it’s easy to make, and doesn’t take much attention.  We typically call it “Asian spaghetti” because that is the nickname given by the […]

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Honey wheat bread

I have been making bread, almost every week, for about 2 months now and a few things are starting to make sense.  I have not been brave enough to attempt artisan bread yet, but hope to soon.  I have written about many of our experiments including whole wheat bread, potato bread (still my favorite), cornmeal […]

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Planting blueberries

Our dozen blueberry plants are in the ground, finally.  We planted them on the west side of the house, along the hedge.  We managed to document most of the process to share with you, in case there are others out there considering blueberries.  We are currently on a little weekend jaunt in Bend, OR and […]

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